Wonders of Prophetic Action

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Wonders of Prophetic Action
by Rev. Canon Dr. David Olungwe Olungwe

There is so much emphasis on Prayer that most Christians know little or nothing about Prophetic Actions and their efficacies and wonders. Any time we are faced with challenges in life, God speaks to us. He tells us what practical and spiritual actions to take to get out of our difficult situations.

Scientific inventions are God-given ideas that were acted on. They are all the results of Prophetic Actions. Those wonderful God-given ideas in your head and ministrations in your mind could be acted out with amazing results as Prophetic Actions.

About the Author:

Rev. Canon Dr. David Olungwe Olungwe is from the south-Southern part of Nigeria. His hobbies include reading, writing, soccer, and table tennis. HIS DAD MARRIED FIVE WIVES AND ALL THE FIVE WIVES HAD CHILDREN. BUT HIS DAD, THE FIVE WIVES, AND ALL THEIR CHILDREN DIED, LEAVING ONLY REV. CANON DR. DAVID OLUNGWE OLUNGWE

Rev. Olungwe is an ordained minister of the Protestant Church (the Anglican Communion). He served about five years as a missionary in Yaounde, Cameroon, and is presently a priest in the Missionary Diocese of the Trinity in Delaware. Prophetic Actions have been the pivot of his ministerial mainstay as a deliverance minister and a teacher of the Word of God across many countries.

(2016, Paperback, 70 pages)