Words to Be Read

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Words to Be Read
by Timothy Montgomery

In 2013 the world exploded for the author in a way he never expected. Always one who kept things inside, and having a hard time explaining his feelings to others, he found himself pouring out feelings and words on paper in the form of poetry.

At the age of thirteen Montgomery had run away from home and worked on a farm getting fifteen dollars a week, plus room and board. Helearned quickly to hold his feelings inside; doing otherwise, he believed, would be a sign of weakness.

Now, many years later, being a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather gives Montgomery an abundant database of feelings he is releasing in words arrayed in short rhymatic stories. Translating feelings into words is a pleasure he wishes to share with others, thereby speaking in a manner unknown to him until now. Depending upon your age and station in life, dont be surprised to find yourself relating to his experiences. The author translates feelings, life experiences, and sometimes anger into words in a form easy to read.

See and feel through the authors words, and things in his life he has experienced. Nothing can be lost in experiencing Words to Be Read.

(2015, Paperback, 66 pages)