World Language

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World Language
by Majid - Khodabandeh

World Language is recommended for all ages, especially for early childhood from two to eighteen years old during elementary school years to middle childhood development and early adulthood. Additionally, it is a good read for anyone traveling or on business trips.

Author Majid - Khodabandeh recommends this way of learning a new language. World languages will be a mixing pot of all important languages that eventually end up changing the language of the world to one major language. Eventually everyone can speak one language. This book promotes good culture, unifying all nations to one calendar and one custom, and to celebrate the new year based on humanity and saving the world. World Language also includes recipes from different parts of the world. The reader will enjoy good food, peace, and happiness with all.

About the Author:

Majid Khodabandeh was born in Tehran, Iran and has been a citizen of the United States since 1995. He holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and is currently pursuing his PhD in Psychology.

Majid enjoys inventing new ideas. He has two patents. One is a political chess game and the other is a Super Bed. He recently published Legal Concepts Law and Human Behavior Senses.

(2017, Hardcover, 124 pages)