Worship Unto God Intimacy Unto Adam


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Worship Unto God Intimacy Unto Adam
by Lakeshia Hamilton

Since the fall of man, daughters of Eve have been fighting to find their way back to the garden where they were loved by God and loved by Adam, not knowing that the way back was through worship

This is a journey that allows readers to watch as the author re-exams her mistakes as she searched for love. This book addresses the importance of worship and how it teaches women the meaning of honorable love. Correlations of real life experiences with biblical principles were used to illustrate the power of worship, which is the tutorial to fully understanding true intimacy.

About the Author

First time author LaKeshia Hamilton has spent most of her life singing in choirs and writing poetry. Ms. Hamilton debuted her first album, Face to Face upon graduation from college and has since enjoyed the blessing of singing behind some of gospels greatest! Ms. Hamilton also wrote and starred in her very first theater production entitled, My Friend Told Me about You. Though music has been a tremendous part of her life, Ms. Hamilton proves to be a literary talent that the world will soon come to know and love, and want more from!

(2010, paperback, 94 pages)